Mission Nicaragua :: Day 9

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 9

Today was our first full day of construction after all of the camp days that we have had.  It was definitely quieter as we pulled in to Ruby Ranch this morning.  No kids running around.  No music.  No bicycles or water slide going.  Just the projects ahead of us for the day.  We got right to them knowing another team is bringing a group of kids to the Ranch tomorrow for a fun day.  So we wanted the waterslide project to be complete.

We divided into the cantera stone laying team and the painting team.  Henry and his guys were hard at work finishing the rails, which then needed sanding and the stain coat.  Then all of the posts and railing needed the final coat of polyurethane.  It was a bunch of painting, but with great teamwork, we got it all done!  And then were able to make the big hike up to Chapel Hill and poly all of the bench seating up there, which was pretty damaged by the weather.  Hopefully, this will give the benches a little more life and in turn give opportunities for all who sit up there to experience real life in Jesus!

Our cantera stone team was also hard a work finishing the expansion of the walkway that leads up to the top of the waterslide and starting a new section of stone by the newly added pool addition to the waterslide.  Laying the stones is exhausting and tedious work, but it was awesome to see the finished project.  And to know what a benefit these areas will be to making the slide an even better experience for the campers!

The team was also excited to experience another “first” on this trip – we actually made it back to the compound before the start of dinner with time to spare to actually take a shower and go clean to dinner!  Normally, we are rolling up right for dinner and have to eat in a less than desirable state of appearance and smell!

After our dinner we pulled off a big surprise.  It was John Michael’s birthday today and we secretly got a cake and also hired a mariachi band to come to the compound.  So out of nowhere comes this full band with trumpets blaring and Feliz cumpleaños ringing throughout the Rancho.  What a fun celebration! Mission trip birthdays are the best!

We are so grateful for all the experiences – the fun, the hard work, the relationships being formed on our team and in the community and for the impact the Gospel is having as it works in and through us.  And we are thankful for you – each and every one that is standing with us in prayer support!

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