Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

It started as a “normal” morning other than we were aware the feelings weren’t as normal.  Reality had sunk it.  We were headed home.  With that in mind, we tried to squeeze in as much Nicaragua as we could.  We ate breakfast together.  We had our morning devo time together.  We packed up together.  And then we said our “see you laters” together.

We had a later flight than we typical do, so we got to go on a fun excursion.  We loaded up and headed into downtown Managua.  Brinson gave us a tour as we drove around.  We stopped and saw some of the touristy sights that none of our other teams have been able to see.  We landed at a place called malecon which is right on Lake Managua.  It’s a huge lake that holds one of Nicaragua’s many volcanoes.  It’s a beautiful boardwalk area filled with little attractions and even some “Americanesque” places like a water park and go kart track.  It also had a miniaturized version of old Managua before the earthquake back in the 70’s.  We had a great time together before we had to head to the airport.

The airport is always an interesting experience.  From an overweight bag, to having to scarf down lunch – next thing you knew we had made it to the gate.  That’s when the feelings settle it.  It’s true… we’re heading back home.

Thankfully our flight was not eventful and it looked like we were actually going to arrival earlier than scheduled – which would have been awesome since we knew our layover would be tight.  Well, navigating around a storm over Cuba and then circling the airport and then having to wait for a gate to open… there went our time and then some.

But God was with us and we decided to try the new CBP app that allowed for online immigration check-in.  Who knew what a game changer that would be.  We deplaned to see a line wrapping around the airport – easily an hour wait.  We scooted right by and made it through immigration.  But then it was on to baggage claim.  We were watching the time closely… bag after bag passed.  Nothing from Managua.  Our time was ticking away.  Still nothing.  And we knew we still had Customs, TSA and get to our gate.

Finally, the bags arrived and we were off.  Only to wait again.  We were deep in the TSA security line as our time to board had arrived.  We were tired from traveling and hungry.  We made it through security and had to run through the airport to the farthest gate on the D concourse.  But praise God we made it.  With only a few minutes to spare before the doors were closed.  We were on the flight to Tallahassee.

Before you knew it, we were back ‘home’.  We talked a lot about home.  Reality is, Tally is not our home.  Neither is Nicaragua.  As Christ-followers, we live with our bags packed.  We want to go where He leads us.  We want to serve where He gives us opportunity.  The Gospel compels us to live sent.  And so we take the Gospel wherever we go.  We know we are citizens of a heavenly home.  But until then, we go… because the mission never ends!

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