Loving Like God Loves

I find that the more I am supposed to be growing to be like God, I realize how far I really am! Brooke was on call the other night and got called into work which left me and the boys together on a school night (needing to prepare for bed and such) but also having to get up to church to rehearse with the worship team. Somewhat stressful. We had to leave rehearsal early to get home and after getting Brock in bed, meant it was time to bathe Jake and get him ready for bed. The good news is Jake loves to take a bath, the bad news is he hates to get out of the bath. Even though the thought of, “I wonder if he could just sleep in his bathtub” does cross my mind – I figured it wasn’t the good ‘parenting’ thing to do.

God must have so much patience with me and my shortcomings (I guess that is a nice word for sin) and I realize with Jake how much I’m not like my patient and loving Heavenly Father. I know all parents experience it – but it is frustrating to try to give your child what they need when they can’t tell you what they need in a way you can understand it. Somehow screaming your lungs out doesn’t really help me know what you need! But I try and I try to love and be patient while loving and realize how hard that is. It makes me wonder if it is really hard for God. I mean, I know the right answer is that nothing is hard for God, but it must break his heart when his children wander and scream for the things that the world has to offer. And He patiently loves nonetheless. All that to say… I’m not really good and loving like God loves… but I’m glad He is!

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