The Secret to Sonny’s™ Success

The Secret to Sonny’s™ Success

Those of you from around Tallahassee will no doubt understand that the Sonny’s on Timberlane Road has a secret to success. Two words: Wildwood Church. Rarely do I enter Sonny’s without seeing someone from our church, but I’m sure they appreciate our love for their establishment even more, as demonstrated by the fact that we have a corporate account with them. But I’m not writing about Sonny’s financial success, but it’s success to my parenting.

I guess having a newborn entitles me to post quite a bit of blogs about him and I’m sure one day when he becomes a teenager he’ll be even more excited to know that baby stories about him abound on the internet. I have dad duty again tonight – and a long duty – since Brooke has the late shift. I don’t know why I tend to write about my accomplishments as a dad, other than, with a newborn I tend to be proud when I actually do something right… or I can just keep him from crying for no reason. Tonight’s line-up was a barnburner: navigate through 2 naps, 3 feedings, bath time and then bedtime. For my students out there who can’t relate, trust me, one day you will.

I was up to bat and already striking out on the naptime. I tried everything – rocking, music, taking a walk in the stroller, large amounts of Nyquil (just kidding Brooke, I really didn’t do that… but I did think about it). All with tremendous unsuccess. Of course, Jake was tired and wanted to nap, but couldn’t get to sleep which made matters worse – or louder, I guess. So I resorted to the car ride. Take a nice drive – run a quick errand and hopefully that would work. It didn’t. But at least he wasn’t crying. So with Brock and Jake in tow I figure – hey, why not Sonny’s for dinner (it’s always a good time for Sonny’s) and we were hungry.

So we arrive and get seated. It was only then that I realized I left without something important. I didn’t forget my wallet or to wear clean underwear… but I forgot the diaper bag. So, of course, if anything should go wrong with Jake – I’m stranded with nothing but a pacifier and blanket. So in my mind I was already going MacGyver and trying to think of how I could wrap his blanket around him in the newest cloth diaper fashion should I need that; or if he got hungry how I could load sweet tea into his pacifier and use it as a small bottle. Surely babies like sweet tea from Sonny’s.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to go MacGyver, but I do have to claim Sonny’s as the secret to my success at dad duty tonight. Why? They got Jake to go to sleep. Of course, no traditional techniques would work, so why wouldn’t a loud restaurant with smoky BBQ smells of sweet sauce and corn nuggets be the secret to success? It was.

The rest of the night went OK and now he’s sleeping for the night. Who said you couldn’t swing away with full count in the bottom of the ninth? Thank you Sonny’s… I’ll be there even more often now than usual… but with an overtired kid in a car seat… so save my booth for me!

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