Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

It’s hard to believe that our work and time here in Nicaragua is done. Even though we have invested many hours of sweat, tears, hugs, laughter, giving, receiving, learning, growing and even stomach discomfort – it is going to be very hard for us to leave here in the morning. The reality of that set in for many of us today on the worksite. We are going to return to Diamaris’ home in the morning to pray with her, dedicate her home to the Lord and to her family and even give gifts of clothing and supplies for their home. That will be a bittersweet time because we have grown so attached to her and her children. We didn’t totally finish the house, which was disappointing for us, but it is amazing that in a few days working we were able to totally contruct a home (4 walls completed) around her existing home. All that remains is to put the roof on and then tear down her old home. We wish we could be here to see that, but the stone masons that were working with us will complete the home hopefully by Tuesday.

After working today, we had a powerful time of ministry and prayer at Sister Ruby’s. She is a prayer warrior and always has a word from the Lord for us. God moved and spoke individually to our hearts in a mighty and authentic way. We have already started to process that time, but I’m sure it will take awhile for it to sink in and for God to complete the work that He has begun in our hearts this week. Only eternity will truly know what comes out of this week for our team.

We shared a special team meal tonight as we were able to eat out at a local restraunt. It was a fun time to be together and enjoy some great Nicaraguan dishes. We also had a suprise birthday party complete with a guest musical artist for Debbie.

All of us have great stories to share. Stories that reflect the lives of a short term missionary who has been impacted by seeing the Gospel go forth, through our hands and feet and has in turn changed our lives. I encourage you parents especially to give your student the gift of unhurried time, by sitting down with them and letting them talk. Encourage them to open up, ask good questions, and be ready to hear about the work God has done in their lives.

We have been so blessed to have been used by God as small people in the huge narrative of God’s story. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the families who allowed us to go and for all those that have supported our team through financial resources and through prayer. And a special thanks goes out to my wife, who sacrificially gives to me time away to allow me to minister and be ministered to on missions like this.

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