Happy Birthday Jake… but don’t eat that cake!

Happy Birthday Jake… but don’t eat that cake!

Well as if birthdays aren’t exciting enough around the Veleber house… this one takes the cake… literally. It’s hard to believe that we welcomed little (now not so little) Jake Taylor into the world a year ago. It is amazing to me how fast he has grown and how fast the time has gone by.

So the big #1 was upon us and we had all of our family, out-of-town relatives and friends over for the big celebration. Other than the rain messing up the outside plans it was a fun time. Then we get to the moment of truth. Will Jake not like the cake or will he dive in head first? He was hesitant at first and after some samples he decided to go for it. Massive handfuls of icing and cake going down the hatch. And in the process… getting all over his face.

He seemed to be enjoying it until he got some into his eyes and we decided to alleviate the crying with a quick bath. Well, once we rinsed all the icing off his face it revealed why he was crying. Hives. And I mean hives all over his face. His eyes were swelling shut and he started drooling uncontrollably. Pretty big allergic reaction. We’re trying to reach the doctor on the phone while trying to calculate the dose of Benadryl he should get.

So the big party that started at our house ended at TMH (our hospital). Jake is better now. He even was baptized on Sunday following the ordeal and did a great job.

Why should we ever expect anything “normal” around the Veleber house?

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