WinterBlast: Day 1

WinterBlast: Day 1

Well we made it. We had some difficult weather and roads to drive in. It has been quite challenging to get a 45ft. bus maneuvered around up here! But Larry has done a great job for us.

I don’t have time to upload pictures tonight, but did want to at least tell you about our day. It was told to me that with the wind chill we were in the negative numbers on the slopes today… and any bare skin on your body today was proof. Man, it was cold! Beech continued blowing snow on top of the snow that was falling creating a white blizzard to ski through. But all in all, we had a good day and one free of injuries!

After dinner tonight we had our evening session together. We did some fun mixers, the band led worship and John did a great job speaking. He asked us the question, “Is what you are living for worth it?”

Tomorrow we start bright and early and head back to the slopes. They are hoping to have a few more runs open.

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