It all started with a phone call at 1am from AA letting me know my 8 am flight to Miami was canceled but they could put me on a 6pm flight. Small minor problem being Mike and Rachel’s wedding started at 5pm. I spent about an hour on the phone with AA and they booked me on a Delta flight (which of course would have to go through Atlanta) and then on to Miami. The bright spot at this point was supposed to leave around noon so I could go to Brock’s soccer game in the morning.

So off to the airport I go, being optimistic, but concerned about the weather moving through the southeast. I get my boarding pass and of course would be randomly selected for the pat you down, unpack your luggage and take away your toothpaste security check. Get to the Delta gate and they inform me that the plane is late coming in (due to weather) and I’ll only have about 20 minutes to make my connection. No problem, right? I’ve run through airports before.

But then the gentleman suggests that I go down a few gates and see about the direct Delta flight to Miami. Sounds awesome, but no seats left. I beg, plead, offer to ride with the cargo, but to no avail. So back down a gate and about 15 mintues later I hear “Paging Todd Veleber” over the speakers. The guy says, “Run, they have one seat left!” I ran. I was the last to board and sat in the only open seat.

Not that I doubted, but at this point I knew God was looking out for me. Good flight to Miami. It took almost 1 1/2 to get out of the airport and through the rental car process. Needless to say if I would have been on my booked flight (that was to arrive at 3:40p) I wouldn’t have made the wedding.

I did make it. The wedding & reception was awesome. Congrats Mike & Rachel! I love you guys!

At this point, I’m halfway through my journey. I caught only a few hours sleep since I had to get up at 3:30am to leave Ft. Lauderdale to give time to drive to Miami, check in the car and get through the airport. Relatively uneventful flight back. Touched down in Tally at 8:40am in time to drive straight to church to be ready to teach middle school students and then corporate worship and then a student ministry summer missions meeting.

I’m beyond exhausted and I guess that is why I’m posting a blog entry rather than sleeping. I’m sure I’ll crash soon. Here’s hoping my next 24 hours are a little less hectic!

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