Nicaragua:: Day 3

Nicaragua:: Day 3

Today was an exciting day for us in many ways as we journeyed back to work, instead of taking our Saturday off. We divided our team by gender (or maybe by creativity) and our girls went with Karen over to Collegio Cristiano de Los Cedros (the Christian school of Los Cedros) to paint murals in the preschool building. This wasn’t at all planned, but the opportunity, skill set, supplies and timing all fell into place. So our girls had a very productive day painting while the guys remained at the work site to continue building.

The guys surprise of the day was not having to move nearly as much dirt out for the foundation as we had thought! In fact, we actually got to move some dirt back in to bring the level up – that is much easier! We mixed a huge load of concrete today as well as a good few batches of mortar as our walls are going up.

One of the many things we take for granted besides electricity and plumbing is running water. It takes a lot of water to do what we are doing and today we learned where it was coming from. Maujore (not sure of the spelling) and her friend walked across to the neighbor’s house and started carry 5 gallon buckets full of water back and forth. We mobilized a team into action to take this responsibility for ourselves. The well was easily 50+ feet deep and it took many buckets to fill our barrels with the water for today.

It has truly been eye opening to see, that through all the poverty and lack of “comforts of home” how truly happy these people of Los Cedros are. Sure problems exist, but I honestly believe their ‘lacking’ is desirable to our constant ‘wanting’.
We are praying as a team that God would continue to reveal Himself to us and that we would find Him in the experiences, relationships, work and beauty of our days here.

Tonight was a very special night for our team. We were invited earlier to a baptism celebration at the Buzbees’ pool and in talking about it with our team – we had 2 team members express a desire to be baptized. Neither Jon nor Taylor had been baptized, so tonight, upon their profession of faith, I had the opportunity and privilege to baptize my brothers in Christ! It was a very special time of celebration.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a day worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We know it will be different and even probably somewhat difficult with the language barrier, but the truth is – God is worthy to be praised all over the world!

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