Nicaragua:: Day 4

Nicaragua:: Day 4

What a great Lord’s day we all shared together today. We started our morning with some time alone with God before heading to worship at Verbo Church in Managua. Verbo is very much like Wildwood, with contemporary worship (we even knew some of the songs in English), air conditioning, powerpoint, lighting and a celebratory feel to the service. We were fortunate to have Elizabeth Buzbee translating the sermon for us so we could understand what was being preached!

God really moved in my life in a powerful way by revealing the awesome truth that at the moment we were worshipping in another country, in another language, we were joining with millions of believers around the world – every tribe, tongue and nation – in worship of the King! It was an awesome image God brought to my mind and experience for me to worship Him in another language. My Spanish is pretty poor, but on a slow song, I can actually read and sing along. We sang a song that was a beautiful song of adoration to the glory of God that said:

Solo a ti sea la gloria Senor
la alabanza y adoracion
toda ordilla se doble ante el
unico rey y Dios

Solo a ti sea la gloria Senior
la alabanza y adoracion
que toda lengua confiese que
tu eres el Senor

It translates something like this:
Alone to you be the glory God
the praise and adoration
itself double before the King and God

Alone to you it be the glory God
the praise and adoration that
tongue be trusted that you are God

After Verbo all the teams had lunch together and just enjoyed a day of Sabbath rest. At night we went to Pastor Manuel’s church in Los Cedros. But before church, I took the team around the corner to see a home we built for Maurisio’s family 3 years ago. It was neat to see the family and see the home that God allowed us to build.

Church in Los Cedros is very different. It is a very small, but community oriented congregation that worships in a tiny block building with no air conditioning, powerpoint or all the “frills” we are used to. We worshipping in song for nearly an hour before we sat down for the message. The people in Los Cedros worship God with passion and it was exciting for us to be a part of it. We had to do without translation, but the Spirit of God was in that place! We coined the phrase that, “If you’re not sweating, your not worshipping” not only because of the warmth of the church but the people as well!

We will be back on our regular work schedule tomorrow with the construction of the house and also the painting in the school. Please continue to lift our team up in your prayers!

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