Nicaragua:: Day 6

Nicaragua:: Day 6

We are starting to see a house! The completion is almost in sight. We were able to completely finish one side wall and the rear wall. We also got the dirt level to pour the foundation and the posts set for the porch and roof. It was a ‘regular’ work day for us, but we were all somewhat dragging after our long day yesterday.

I was able to work in a special treat for the team. Instead of the regular PB&J’s for lunch, we went over to Louisa’s house. She lives in Los Cedros (right next to the church) and as a ministry and to earn some income will cook a meal for the work teams. Let me just say that the lunch was amazing! It was an awesome experience to eat a Nicaraguan meal and also to sit down in a chair and have a warm lunch. Praise God!

Our girls are continuing the painting of the preschool building and it is really coming along. They completed the alphabet and the colors and got alot of the mural done. It is neat to see them serving and using their gifts in a way that we didn’t even plan for on this mission. The children have been amazed and excited watching them.

Tomorrow we have a little different schedule. We are starting our day by going to see Sister Ruby. Sister Ruby is basically a missionary that resides right outside of La Trudecca (the city dump). God has given her a powerful ministry of prayer for the residents and teams that come in. God always does a good work in our hearts when we go to see Ruby… and seeing the dump is likewise a very powerful and emotional time.

I appreciate all of you that are praying for us… please continue to pray for this team, but also our camp team that arrives tomorrow!

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