Nicaragua:: Day 7

Nicaragua:: Day 7

I will just say from the outset that this is going to be a hard day to put into words. Our construction team started our morning off with a visit to La Trudecca (the city dump) which houses an estimated 1200 people with the majority being children. The Buzbees run Collegio de Esperanza (the school of hope) in the dump.

The dump is an emotionally overwhelming experience. It is hard to drive through the sights, smells and see the conditions without being affected. I am always overwhelmed with the thought of, but for the grace of God, I could have been born there. There is also some amazing spiritual symbolism of a country of such beauty and a place of such trash, brokenness, sin and depravity. I often imagine that our sin must look much like the dump to our Heavenly Father. He created such beauty and yet we trade beauty time and time again for the trash piles of sin.

After the dump we visited Sister Ruby. Ruby is a prophetess who has given her life to have a ministry in La Trudecca. She is a prayer warrior and we always have a powerful time of ministry with her. Today was no exception. God met us in that room as she prayed for us. God convicted, challenged, called and worked mightily in all of our lives. Most of us are still processing what happened even after our team time tonight.

I had to breakaway from our construction team this afternoon to pick up our camp team from the airport. Praise God they made it safely and on time! It was great to see them and after dropping off their luggage we made the journey out to Los Cedros so they could see the construction team and the work on the house and school.

I was amazed when we arrived to see the painting completed and the house almost finished! I can’t believe what God was able to accomplish with some willing hands this mission. All that remains on the house is the installation of the roof, windows, door and to pour the floor.

We are going to return tomorrow to dedicate the house. The camp team will spend the morning preparing to depart for Campo Allegria. The camp team arrived excited and ready to go, but I know the construction team is feeling the sadness of an impending departure. Please pray for their last day and the work ahead for the camp team!

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