Nicaragua:: Day 9

Nicaragua:: Day 9

Today was an early start for me and the construction team. We were up by 4am and I took a moment to pray with them before they headed off to the airport. From what I’ve heard, they’ve made it back safely and are probably suffering from a long day in airports and on airplanes.

After seeing the construction team off, I boarded the bus to Los Cedros to pick up the children that were coming to camp. It was a neat God moment to see the joy on their faces as the bus pulled up. It was also somewhat heartbreaking to see many kids just waiting on their own without a parent to say goodbye to. Things aren’t much different here in Nicaragua as they asked “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?” most of the 2 1/2 hour trip!

We arrived to meet the camp team who was already in place here at Campo Allegria. The camp is on Lake Nicaragua which is in the top ten of largest freshwater lakes in the world. Sitting right in the middle of the lake is Volcan Conception – one of a few active volcanoes here in Nicaragua. This camp is a great place to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and for these children is like going to Disneyworld.

After lunch, the team was off and running with swimming time, tie-dying shirts, arts & crafts and more! Then came a great dinner and our evening time of worship. I had the opportunity to preach – which I don’t do much to kids younger than middle school, much less those that don’t understand English. It was somewhat challenging, but I praise God for the opportunity.

Some of these kids come from Christian homes, but many come from abject poverty, broken relationships with parents or even worse abusive homes. It’s such a privilege to simply try to love them with the love of Christ and to be His hands and feet here at camp. We covet your prayers for this team and for the children God has brought here!

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