Nicaragua:: Day 10

Nicaragua:: Day 10

5:10 AM. Why is that significant? That would happen to be the time that the Nica boys at camp decided to wake up today. Apparently they get up when the sun does. Me, not so much. But anyhow, that is when our day started today… and from the looks of things, when it will start tomorrow.

Today was our first full day at camp and I think it is safe to say that we are all exhausted. Everything went very well – from the team leaders, art, music, dancing, Bible story, sports to our evening time.

God is blessing us with the ability to gain trust and build relationships quickly despite the language barrier (most of our attempts at “Spanglish” isn’t all that great). But just loving these kids with the love of Christ is proving to be good communication!

I am pretty familiar with the community they come from and their way of life, but we are starting to learn more of their stories, which can be hard to process. A brother & sister that are here were abandoned by their mom which forced them to live on the streets. Later an aunt took them in, but couldn’t handle it and tried to give them to Pastor Manuel and his wife. A few others only have an older sibling to take care of them. It is pretty heartbreaking, but it reminds us that we – in and of ourselves – don’t have much to offer them, but the love of Christ and His healing is powerful.

Please join us in praying for the children that don’t know Christ – that God would open their eyes to see their sin and need for a Savior. Pray that we would represent Jesus well and see them through His eyes!

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