Nicaragua:: Day 13

Nicaragua:: Day 13

This morning we had to load the bus and say goodbye to Campo Allegria. We were all feeling the exhaustion of running a camp and the emotions of having to say goodbye to the kids yesterday. So today became a day of rest for us. It was great to be able to sleep beyond 5 am without a Nicaraguan camper waking us up today!

We loaded up the bus for our journey back. The bus ride back to Managua is a little over 2 hours so we made it back to the compound for lunch.

The afternoon was spent relaxing in the hammocks, swimming in the pool, reading, having some quiet time and even catching a nap if needed. It was good to have the down time after giving so much over the last few days.

We had dinner here and then had to tackle the project of re-sorting and bagging all the clothes that we brought. Thank you Wildwood for the donations of clothing. We brought 17 huge 50-pound duffle bags full of donated clothes. This clothes will be sold by the teachers of Collegio de Esperanza (School of Hope) that is in the dump. So not only will the clothes go to needy children and families, but the school & teachers will make some added income to continue their work in La Trudecca.

The sorting wouldn’t have been complete without the annual Mission Nicaragua fashion show. Fortunately, (for those involved) I didn’t take any pictures of that!

Tomorrow we start bright and early as this team transforms from the camp team to the construction team for a day. We are going back into Los Cedros to complete the house that was begun last week. The construction team was able to totally build the house from the ground up – but didn’t have the time to pour the concrete floor. So tomorrow will be a day of hard work and mixing loads of concrete!

Please continue to lift this team up in your prayers. We do have some team members with a stomach bug that makes for some additional time spent talking to John – if you know what I mean. Please pray that God would heal them quickly and that He would continue to work in and through us!

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