Nicaragua:: Day 14

Nicaragua:: Day 14

Today the campo team transformed into the construction team. We started early with our breakfast and team devotional time and then headed out to Los Cedros to work on the house that our construction team started. It was awesome to arrive to see everything completed… almost! The house had all the walls up, the roof on and just lacking a door, 3 windows and the concrete floor for the main house and the porch.

We got right to work on making sure the interior was level and ready for the concrete. The main home was pretty ready, but the porch required about 40+ wheelbarrows full of dirt. It was a lot of hard work digging more of the trench (for water runoff) to give us dirt for the porch. After the level was set came the mixing of the concrete. We got a good start on the concrete before heading to Louisa’s house for lunch. Going to Louisa’s is always a treat – a break from PB&J and having a hot meal for lunch. What a blessing and it was delicious!

God gave us another blessing at lunch when we rounded the corner and saw about 15 kids from camp on the way to school. Their faces lit up when they saw us coming. It was a sweet reunion in the streets of Los Cedros. It was an awesome addition to our day. Many of the kids came to the worksite after school to hang out with us.

After lunch we had loads of concrete to make and bucket lines to form! But everyone worked really hard and by God’s grace we were able to complete the flooring in one day! Majoure and one of her sons came to the house to see the completion as well. It was a treat for me to talk with her and even though we had already dedicated the house – to encourage her to use her new home for God’s glory.

On the way out we stopped by Collegio Christiano to say goodbye to Pastor Manuel and his wife, Pastora. They presented us with a letter, which they read, thanking us for our investment of time and energy into the camp and the construction of the home. It was a touching time to spend together. I have had the privilege to get to know Pastor Manuel over the past 5 years and it was a God moment for me to realize that I have a brother in Christ and in ministry – though thousands of miles apart – we are connected in friendship and the desire to see people come to know Christ and see His Kingdom come!

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Nicaragua. I know that we are all anxious to be home, but at the same time it is always hard to leave. God is doing a great work in our hearts, but I know He has more in store for us tomorrow!

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