Nicaragua:: Day 15

Nicaragua:: Day 15

It is going to be difficult to summarize all the happenings from today. We started our morning by visiting the city dump – home to about 1200 residents (800 or so being children). The dump is a working dump and the residents that live their make their living sorting through the trash – looking for food, things to reuse or even sell. They make their homes out of whatever they can find to construct with. I am always overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about these peoples lives and God’s grace to me in the fact that I wasn’t born there. It is difficult to understand and wrap my arms around for sure. I always pray that God would allow me to see the world (and the people there) through His eyes. I was reminded of the verse where Jesus looks out and has compassion on the crowd as they looked like helpless, scattered sheep without a Shepherd.

After the dump we visited Sister Ruby for a time of prayer. Time with Ruby (see previous post from the construction team) is always a powerful time of ministry. It was so refreshing to just spend time in God’s presence, hearing from Him and praying for one another.

We returned to the compound for lunch and then had a special time down by the pool. God put in on Ginger’s heart to be baptized, so I had the privilege of baptizing her in the Buzbee’s pool. It was a joy to celebrate in the sacrament of baptism here in Nicaragua.

We then loaded up the buses and headed out to the market and then out to dinner. This seems to always be a highlight of the trip. It was fun to just end the trip together celebrating what God has done here in Nicaragua.

Unfortunately our time here on this mission is over, but we know God’s mission always continues. We do have to be up early – 4:30 am to be exact to head back to Tally. Please pray for our safety as we travel!

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