Germany Mission 1

Well I’ve made it over here to Germany and have finally adjusted after being awake for about 30 hours or so. The time change was pretty killer and the plane ride was not all that relaxing. But God has been so faithful so far in giving us opportunities to praise His name and share the Gospel. The context for being a pastor here seems incredibly difficult. Many small churches and seeing a convert not only takes a huge commitment of time, but from what I hear are few and far between. Tomorrow we sing in the Cologne Dom which is an incredible privilege. Not many groups get the opportunity to sing in such a historic place. I’m praying it will generate some good conversations afterward, but I’m finding my German to be pretty rough since the last time I was here was about 4 years ago.

The weather is freezing and it has been snowing off and on since we have been here. I’ve taken some great pics, but forgot my USB cable to do some uploading so I could post them. Maybe I can find someone else with one. If you are reading this, say a quick prayer for me and our team that the Gospel would go forth whether in word or song and we would be faithful laborers to sow the seeds of hope! Prais sei zu Gott

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