Kulauqa: Day 2

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Student Ministry

We have wrapped up a busy, but awesome day today. Morning comes early for sure, but we are grateful to God for some great weather for camp so far. After our morning chapel time we go to interactives for a smaller type Bible study. You can be praying for Jen as she is doing an interactive for girls and me as I’m doing a co-ed interactive. From there we move to a personal devotional time.

Morning competitions were a blast today as we competed in a game in the wave pool and one in the lazy river. The majority of us stayed wet today as we made our annual tubing trip down the Itchnetuknee River. This trip always is a blast as our students enjoy flipping each other, jumping from some trees and spotting for some wildlife. This year we were able to see (but stay away from) some water snakes and we even spotted a wild boar eating right along the riverbank. A few students stayed behind to check out all that Kulaqua has to offer!

Tonight was a great time in worship and in hearing Chuck share about part 2 of God’s story. We took at look at the fall – how sin entered the world through mankind’s disobedience and how that continues to affect our lives. In our family groups we were able to go a little deeper and talk how we all struggle against our sin nature and what God would have us do.

Our late night activity was pretty spectacular as Ben Glenn (aka the messy preacher) did his amazing chalk drawing and presentation of the Gospel. We were all pretty amazed at his story and also his beautiful artwork. God continues to speak to all of us this week through so many different means and we appreciate your prayer support!


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