Kulauqa: Day 4

Kulauqa: Day 4

We have made it… almost! We had another jam packed day here at Kulaqua. After morning chapel our guys went to the guys only interactive to learn about being a dude in Christ and our girls went to hear Jen teach on body image and true beauty in Christ. Our hope and prayer is that they are hanging on to nuggets of what they are hearing since they have received alot this week.

Somehow we managed to go from 5th place to last place in true Wildwood fashion in competition for the all camp trophy. I guess I’ll have to just accept this as tradition for the Wood. I’m guessing most of our lack of advancement came from our students who were too hot, too tired or didn’t want to get wet or sweaty when it came time for our morning competitions!

During free time I took our group of students over to our snorkeling excursion to Ginnie Springs. This is always a fun bonding time for me and the guys that choose to go. It was cold as ever but this year the Santa Fe River is having some backflow issues and so it was so murky we couldn’t see our hand before our face. So we spent the majority of our time snorkeling in the springs.

Chuck wrapped our chapel talks with the big picture of what is to come for eternity. He has done a great job presenting the meta-narrative (big picture) of the Bible, and it has given our students loads of information to process and understand about God.

Camp always wraps with our big hang night in the gym where we had inflatables, video games, basketball, soccer, dodgeball and other crazy games. I think it successfully wore us all out! But before that we did have a chance to celebrate our two camp birthdays – John Henry & John.

So, we’ve wrapped our last full day of camp and it was a roller coaster of a day. We’ve pushed through some tough stuff this week but we’ve also had some ‘mountaintop’ experiences where we’ve all felt closer to God. We wrapped up last night in our huddle times with a time of sharing and Q&A and I was really encouraged to hear our middle school students sharing what God has been teaching them this week and how their lives will be different. Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that through all the excitement, lack of sleep, camp food and high energy that our students are engaging, but I remember back to my time at ms camp and that’s where God radically changed my life. So praise God for the work He has done and will continue to do in the lives of our students!

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