Mission Nicaragua: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua: Day 1

Well our construction team has finally arrived after delays in the Tallahassee airport and then more delays in the Miami airport. Trusting in God is put into practice when the pilot gets on in Miami and says, “Sorry for the delay, but this plane had to get worked on a bit, but now we are good to go.” And then later comes on the PA and says, “We’ve found some bags below that we don’t know who they belong to.” So we made it about an hour late, but at least we made it!

It has been a long day for all of us so we are looking forward to a good night’s rest because we start early tomorrow on our first project. It looks like we are going to start with some home repair and painting on Sister Ruby’s home right outside of the dump. We all love Sister Ruby and her ministry here in Nicaragua and are excited to serve her in this way.

Be praying for all of us – for our health and safety, but more importantly that God would do a good work in our hearts and through our team. We have some veterans on the team, but we have a majority that haven’t been here before. So we are praying that God would meet us here and allow us to minister the Gospel in word and in deed. We appreciate your prayer support!

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