Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

We were able to start our day together as a team up on the “3rd floor” which is a open air loft overlooking the compound and the beautiful countryside. Each morning we will meet as a team where we have a chance to connect through God’s Word and to pray for our day.

So, today we got off and running on our first construction project. We were working outside of La Churreca (the city dump) at Sister Ruby’s house. Sister Ruby has become a good friend to us as she has been serving here in ministry in a partnership with the Buzbees for many years now. She would have never asked for help but God has given us an opportunity to bless her and her ministry by painting her home.

God blessed us with some beautiful weather for most of the day and then the rains came in the afternoon. We figured that would be a good sign to get off the metal roof standing on a metal ladder. So we loaded up and headed over to Casa Robles. Casa Robles (the boys home) is the brand new home that was purchased by the Buzbees as a counterpart to Casa Havilah (the girls home). This is an awesome ministry where many abused, hurting or neglected kids can have a home to live in with a set of home parents and receive love, care and education. We will be doing some construction projects there later, but today we joined in a birthday celebration for Cesar. It was awesome to see how these kids’ lives are transformed – many just by being able to leave La Churreca.

We are already being challenged as we’ve traveled around and seen different communities here in Nicaragua. It is eye opening to see how the rest of the world lives outside the States. Over the course of the summer I taught a series called ‘Save the Planet’ where we looked at the world from a global perspective with the challenge of living out the Gospel – the hope for the world. Most of the world lives on less than $2 a day and we are definitely being exposed to that reality here.

It can be easy to have compassion at the plight of the people here, but we want that same passion that we are seeking to live out the Gospel here, to come back home with us. Our desire is that God would allow us to see the world through the eyes of Christ. And we are eager to see what God will show us, teach us and do through us!

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