Mission Nicaragua: Day 4

Mission Nicaragua: Day 4

The Lord’s Day in Nicaragua… not that everyday down here on our mission isn’t His, but it is definitely awesome to worship and enjoy the Sabbath God gave us. We joined in worship at Verbo Church where the Buzbees attend. Verbo is a very contemporary church and we were fortunate to recognize a few of the songs and then had Elizabeth translate the message for us. It was cool to think that as we were worshiping in Spanish here in Nicaragua, our friends and family back at Wildwood were worshiping… and likewise believers around the world. It was a great picture of the Kingdom for us and a glimpse of what’s to come when every nation, tribe and tongue will worship God!

We truly enjoyed our Sabbath rest this afternoon on the compound before heading down to Los Cedros for evening worship. Los Cedros is a special place for us as we have served three of our years doing ministry there. It is a highlight of our trip every year to go back and see families we have build homes for and today was no exception. We started by visiting the school in Los Cedros where we laid the foundation for the preschool building, laid more stones than we wanted to count for sidewalks and later painted the preschool building.

From there we went to see Majore and the home we built last year. It is always great to see the home still standing! I guess we built well! I’m always amazed that the relationships we build span the language barrier and infrequent visits; however we were able to just spend some time with her and pray for her and her family.

On the way to church we stopped by the home we built for another Los Cedros family (of 7) back in 2005. We missed seeing some of the children and mother at home, but later reunited with her after the church service. Again, I’m humbled by the opportunity to share a spiritual connection with these families we have had the privilege to serve.

We did make it to Pastor Manuel’s church in Los Cedros for evening worship. Church is very different – not just in style, but structure as well. And I always have to remember the verse in “being prepared in season and out” as I was called up during the sermon to share!

We had a great discussion during our team meeting tonight regarding the cost of the faith for believers in Los Cedros. All of them walk to church to stand for a long period of singing, sit in less than comfortable plastic chairs for a longer sermon, in a block church that is overcrowded and has no air conditioning. And they do it all with amazing joy and passion. It definitely helped us in our perspective of worship in the States where we often complain if we don’t like a song or don’t make it out in time for lunch.

God is doing a good work in our hearts – challenging us in how we think and live out our faith – not just here on mission in Nicaragua, but when we will return as well. We appreciate your continued prayer support on our behalf. Don’t forget if you are missing the pics – head over to toddveleber.blogspot.com.

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