Mission Nicaragua: Day 6

Mission Nicaragua: Day 6

Today we were challenged to think and live like a Christian during our morning devotional time which was good to think on as we worked today. This team has really been amazing in the group effort and teamwork it is taking to tackle this projects. But it is going amazingly well – with no complaining and continual offers to pick up some slack by giving someone else a break.

We spent a full day painting at Casa Robles (the boys home) and I’m amazed at what we were able to finish. Of course, we have switched from oil based to latex, and that really helped. But we completely painted the exterior front of the house. Jonah was my painting partner for up on the roof as we had to avoid powerlines to paint! We also completed the front porch and carport area. We also managed to finish the entrance where Karen is already working on her mural. This is a huge house, so we do have quite a bit to go, but praise God for the hard work and teamwork that is taking place!

Tomorrow morning we are going back to visit Sister Ruby, but this time for our time of prayer. This is always a special time for us individually and as a team. Sister Ruby has a powerful ministry of prayer and we all anticipate coming before the Lord in worship and prayer tomorrow.

From there… you guessed it… more painting. But we are looking to line up some construction projects in Los Cedros. Pastor Manuel’s church has been raising money and doing their own expansion, but when he shared they were out of money – I felt called to action! I’m not sure what we will be able to do, but we have such a great relationship with Pastor Manuel and the Los Cedros community that we want to help in any way possible.

Our camp team travels down tomorrow, so as you pray for us, please pray for them as well. We are excited about them joining us even if we only see them for a short while before they head out the next morning to get camp set-up and ready to go for a Friday start. God is doing such a great work here and we appreciate your faithfulness in lifting us up in prayer!

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