Mission Nicaragua: Day 9

Mission Nicaragua: Day 9

Today really couldn’t have been a better day for the construction team. We started with our annual visit to the dump (La Chureca) which is home to an estimated 1200 residents with around 800 being children. It is such an eye-opening and heart wrenching place to visit. There are many spiritual analogies that can be seen to our own lives and our faith journey. Then after the dump we all gathered a Sister Ruby’s for a time of prayer and worship. Ruby was an amazing evangelist and prophetess who passed away earlier this year, but God continues to use her legacy and home as a powerful place of ministry. God definitely showed up and spoke into our lives. But we also celebrate the new life that came to our translators!

No visit to Ruby’s is complete without stopping by our friend Damaris’ home. We did construction on her home three years ago. She is a single mother of six and has a hard life, but is a dear sister in Christ. She welcomed us into her home and we enjoyed a few moments catching up with her and praying for her.

After Ruby’s the team headed out to the market in hunt of good deals and in support of the local economy! Then it was off to the team excursion time. This year the team chose a zip line tour over the canopy and a crater lake. A great time was had by all… well almost all… the ones brave enough (or well enough) to participate!

We capped off the day with our team dinner out and had a great time together. We brought our translators and Santos (who is the Buzbees construction foreman) and his wife and two boys with us. It was fun to enjoy some of the local food and spend this last night together as a team.

Our camp team arrived safely and were pretty exhausted. I’m looking forward to jumping in with them as we will travel down to Lake Nicaragua tomorrow to prepare for the Nica kids arrival on Friday. Our construction team has to be up and moving at 4:30a to catch their first flight. So please keep them in your prayers as they travel and our camp team as we hit the ground running tomorrow!

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