Mission Nicaragua: Day 12

Mission Nicaragua: Day 12

Today was our first full day of camp and we are thankful that God gave us the strength to make it considering the campers woke us up around 5:00 am when the sun is just coming up. Needless to say, no matter how much we “prepare” for this reality, it never hits you until it happens. Some of our teamies have the gift of being able to sleep through it… and probably a small tornado since that is what morning around the cabins sounds like!

I can’t tell you how awesome it is for me as a pastor to see the body of Christ at work. After breakfast and our time of worship, our students started leading their respected areas (art/craft, Bible, sports and music). God has gifted our students and given them great abilities that come together to make a really fun camp. At times it is difficult to keep the Nica kids engaged, but between the zip line for sports and tye dying t-shirts they were having a blast. But they definitely look forward to their time down on the beach swimming in the lake. I don’t think any of us have carried, thrown or been attacked in the water by more kids than we have here!

It would appear that we’re starting to wear some of the Nica kids out (no comment about us yet). We were coloring after swim time only to look up and see Oscar asleep on the paper he started coloring. After dinner we do worship and teaching and then a movie where we lost a few more Nica kids to exhaustion.

So far so good – camp is off to a great start! God seems to be knitting our hearts together with the kids and for that we are grateful. So not only are they making friends, but hopefully they are seeing and hearing the Gospel from us. I had the opportunity to preach tonight and lay out the Gospel and they are also getting more during their Bible station. So please join us in praying that God’s Word would land on fertile soil and take good root!

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