Mission Nicaragua: Day 13

Mission Nicaragua: Day 13

With each passing day I believe I understand more what Jesus meant when He called to some little children who had gathered around and said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” There is such innocence and joy in the eyes of a child. Yet wrapped up in such a small package is a heart that is sinful and separated from God. But praise God for the opportunity to point them to Jesus!

Today was our last full day here at Campo Alegria. It’s amazing how smoothly things are going and how well our students are doing in their various roles. We are really bonding well with the kids as we share life together here and I know tomorrow will be a tough day for all of us as we have to say goodbye.

This afternoon the camp staff created an awesome water slide that pumped water up from the lake. The kids flew down the dunes on plastic into a small pool at the bottom and had a blast! Our team joined in the action and amazingly we all walked away accident free. We also opened up the zipline again. These are activities that these children would have never normally had the opportunity to participate in and will give them lifelong memories of Campo.

Tonight was also a special night during our evening worship. The kids have been working on learning verses all camp during their Bible class and tonight they were able to stand before everyone and recite them. How awesome to see God’s Word being hidden in their heart. Then I had the privilege to preach the Gospel tonight and give the kids an opportunity to pray and receive Christ. Many indicated that they were already Christ-followers but we also had about 10 or so kids pray to receive Christ tonight! We always love seeing those pass from death to life and become adopted into the family of God. Praise God!

We will be capping off camp tomorrow with a shortened schedule but a full one. We are praying that God does a mighty work on the last day of camp – in the kids lives and in our hearts as well. Thanks for your continued prayer support – it is evident all around us!

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