Mission Nicaragua: Day 15

Mission Nicaragua: Day 15

The camp team traded in their hats today for some construction helmets as we went to work in Los Cedros today. Our team divided and one half tackled removing rock from the new room at the church and then back filling it will dirt to prepare it for the concrete floor. The other workers were busy welding and getting the support beams in place for the roof. It’s not quite ready to open for use, but it’s getting closer by the day.

Our other half of the team trekked over the Christian school to help bleach the stone sidewalks that get algae growth during the rainy season. This team worked diligently spraying bleach and scrubbing to bring life back to the sidewalks. One of our construction teams laid nearly all of the sidewalks out at the school (some 450 stones) in 2006.

Both teams joined up for lunch at the school and to see many of the kids we took to Campo with us. The younger kids go to school in the morning and the older kids in the afternoon. We enjoyed seeing them in the classroom and also participating in recess with them.

As we walked through Los Cedros, we also found many of our kids at their homes and were warmly welcomed to come inside, have a seat and meet the rest of the family. We heard from the parents what a great impact the camp had on their kids and many shared stories when they returned all evening long. It was a great reminder that God only knows what an eternal impact that camp had on the lives of the kids and their families. God truly orchestrated these meetings as we really had no idea where any of the kids lived!

We also took the time to stop by Mauorje’s house (2008) and Sylvia’s house (2005). Three of Slyvia’s kids came with us to campo. This is always a special time for me personally to spend time cultivating relationships that have formed through the years, but also special for the current team to feel the connection to teams of the past that have labored for the Gospel in Nicaragua and specifically Los Cedros.

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Nica and we’ll start the day with a visit to the dump and to Sister Ruby’s for prayer. Then we’ve got our tour day to have some team time together just having fun. Thanks for your continued prayer support!

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