Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Mission Life, Student Ministry

We have made it and awoke to a beautiful morning here in Nicaragua! Despite being pretty exhausted we had a good team time in the Word last night looking at John 14. We are praying that the power of the Holy Spirit would fill us and do a mighty work this week. Our hearts are united and we are definitely praying for the “greater things”. We are asking God to show up in power and do a work that could only point credit and honor His direction!

Our travel day yesterday was relatively uneventful. Our first stop after leaving Tallahassee was my parents’ house in Jacksonville where they had an amazing spread for us for lunch (we’ll do anything to avoid airport food & prices)! Then we were off to Jacksonville to find Chelsea and celebrate her birthday. Again this year, we overloaded the tiny prop plane with 50lb bags full of supplies and clothing. They asked 3 people to get off due to weight restrictions – luckily none were on our team!

Touched down in Miami with only an hour layover, which if you’ve ever been on Concourse D is about how long it takes to walk from one side to the other (which we had to do) and we had to grab dinner. Our plane was late to arrive so it did give us a delay in which to eat our dinner before boarding.

God gave us some great opportunities for our team to share the Gospel and about our mission on the flights and in the airport. I’m excited about this team’s willingness to “be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope we have” and engage in gospel conversations. We’ve been strong on the “deed” and the “hands and feet” and now most are gaining the confidence to speak the truth in love!

Today we will get our supplies ready and head down to Campo Alegria. This will give us a head start on the kids from Las Parcelas who arrive on Friday. We’ll spend the afternoon setting up our stations and doing some test runs so we will be ready to hit the ground running. Pray for our travels to camp and for these kids that will be coming!


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