Mission Nicaragua :: Day 5

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Mission Life, Student Ministry

God is so good. He has gone above and beyond all that we could truly ask or imagine. Our last full day of camp was amazing. Throughout the day I could sense that God’s Spirit was moving in camp and He most definitely demonstrated that to us last night. I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel and inviting the Nica kids to respond if they had never trusted Christ as their Savior. After praying, seven kids stayed behind to talk with our team about the decision they had just made. When the other kids returned we had a big celebration for the ones who now have new life in Christ!

I am always so amazed to see the body of Christ at work. Our students ran their stations amazingly, loved the kids unreservedly and showed the Gospel through their lives. It is such a joy to serve as the pastor to these students. The Holy Spirit is at work in them here and I wait with anxious anticipation to see what God will continue to do through their lives.

Tomorrow is a half day for us at camp and one that is always a tough one. We have finally broken through some of the relationship barriers to grow to love these kids and them reciprocate that love. Camp isn’t over and God isn’t done working yet, so we appreciate your continued prayer support!


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