Mission Nicaragua :: Day 9

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 9

Wow.  Day 9.  It’s hard to believe in some ways, but we are also feeling a bit of the time crunch in other ways.  We really want to get this house finished and dedicated before we have to leave.  The family has been so amazing to work alongside us and encourage us along the way.  Always being the adventurous type, I pretty much try every food they bring out for us to sample.  So far so good.  However, we have a few on the team feeling under the weather or dealing with some upset stomachs (not for that reason) so please pray for them!

I knew we were going into a big day today since we hit a place yesterday where we couldn’t help much and then the rains came in.  But God is continuing to teach us to trust His plan and His faithfulness.  And sometimes His plan doesn’t always make sense to us at the time.  Marvin – our main man for construction – fell off his motorcycle in the rain on the way home last night and tore up his hands and arms and did some more extensive internal damage to one of his lungs.  He is schedule to have surgery in a few days, yet he was there when we arrived to make sure we knew what to do.  He stayed with us all day and had an amazing attitude considering the circumstances.  We gathered as a team to pray for God’s healing and are trusting God to heal him.

Our team did a great job stepping up to the challenge of having our leader down – but not out!  Most of the framing was complete and his crew was working on framing roof and adding the tin sheeting.  Our team had the assignment of moving out a pretty substantial amount of dirt to get the floor level.  This, of course, was all done Nica style with measuring sticks, fishing line, shovels, pick axes and good ‘ole manpower.  Then after the floor was level, the piedra de cantera (hand hewn 70 lb solid stones) had to be moved from the road to the house and then put into place.  The work was hard, but the team did great.  Others used their gifts to play with the kids in the community as they came to hang out with us after school today.

Tonight at our team time we talked about intimacy with God through prayer.  There is nothing more encouraging for me as a student pastor to watch our students pray for, over and with each other.  We are also looking forward to our time at Ruby’s House of Prayer which should take place on one of our remaining days.  Tomorrow should be another full day of construction.  Please join us in praying for dry weather, good energy and for the completion on Manuel’s house!

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