Mission Nicaragua :: Day 10

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 10

Goodbyes are hard.  Good thing they are temporary.  We weren’t created to say goodbye and I long for the day that we won’t have to say them again.  It’s crazy to think that in just a short time you can build friendships that will last for eternity.  Even if we never see our friends here in Nicaragua again, we know that will we see those we are united to by the Gospel again one day.  And what a day that will be!

Today was our last day in the Las Parcelas community and so it was a day full of goodbyes.  We said goodbye to Ruby Ranch where  we invested time hosting our camp and working to prepare areas for future expansion.  We said goodbye to the children from the community that camp to camp with us.  We also said goodbye to Manuel and his family.  Goodbyes are hard… but they are not forever.

We completed the house today.  But we realize that only happened by God’s amazing gift of strength and faithfulness to our team.  It’s pretty crazy to think that a house can be completed in 10 days here in Nicaragua.  We were glad to be a part of it.  But we’d definitely have to thank the Buzbees, our financial supporters, the community, Marvin’s team and even Manuel and his family for making it happen.

This is the largest house we have ever built here in Nicaragua.  It’s about double the size we normally build and it’s four times bigger than the house they are currently living in.  Their current “house” consists of a semi-covered “kitchen” area which is adjacent to the other “room” that holds 3 beds and a table for their family of four.

Thanks to Marvin’s team, we arrived and all the remaining blocks for the floor were laid in the house.  Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.  So we got right to mortaring in the joints and also painting the upper portion of the house.  All the wood framing and hardyboard had to be painted.  Sprinkle in some playing with kids from the community and it rounded out to be a full day.

We had a sweet time with the family – standing inside their new home – holding hands and praying together to dedicate it to the Lord and to their family.  We sang some songs together and rejoiced in the goodness of God.  We also brought them some of the donated clothes to help them out.  The only thing remaining (which will be completed without us) are the two doors and windows.

Our team showed amazing perseverance and tenacity.  They showed hard work and unity.  They showed how the body of Christ works with many parts and different gifts.  Most of all – they showed Jesus.  It was our goal from the beginning and will continue until our mission is over.  And as we learned in our training time… the mission never ends (until the goodbyes have finally ended and we see Jesus face to face)!

We thank each and everyone of you for supporting us and standing with us in prayer.  We’ll finish tomorrow and then return on Saturday.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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