Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Well I wish we could say that today was an uneventful day, but for the most part it was. We were able to get out of Tallahassee on time. Had a long layover in Miami. And then boarded the plane to Nicaragua. On arrival in Nicaragua, we found that two of our 18 checked bags  had actually made it on our plane and arrived with us. This was a good reminder to us why we pack our personal items in carry-on bags. We are hopeful our bags will arrive tomorrow.

I’m really excited about what God has in store for this team. We do have a lot of first-timers on the team with us this year, which is really exciting. And our returners are already settling in to being back down here. God has really put together a great team and we are praying that He would continue to unify our hearts so that we can serve effectively on this mission.

We’re looking forward to a good nights rest, and then we hit the ground running tomorrow in preparation for camp.  We will head down to Campo Alegria on Lake Nicaragua sometime tomorrow to begin the setup process.

Thank you for praying for us and we will do our best to keep everyone updated here, on Facebook and Twitter.

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