Mission Nicaragua :: Day 2

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 2

Today came early as our body clocks haven’t adjusted to the sun coming up in the 5am range.  But having our first full day in Nicaragua as a semi-relaxing one was a good break from our normal (and upcoming pace).  We were able to start our day with some awesome time in God’s Word both as a team and individually as we asked God to move among us and do a good work this week.  We are all enjoying disconnecting from the world and tuning in to God.

There were some errands to run to prep for camp and one important one was trying to get any bags that came down on today’s flights.  We were told that 5 were coming in around noon and we got a bonus bringing our total to 6 bags (plus the two that made it originally for 8 of our 18).  God did answer some prayer in allowing 2 of our needed camp supplies bags to make it down so we can at least get camp started.  We are hoping and praying the remaining bags made it in tonight or will tomorrow and can get delivered to camp.

This afternoon we made the two and a half hour trek down to Campo Alegria on Lake Nicaragua.  It was a long bus ride, but it takes us up on top of some mountains and through some awesome scenery.  Some caught some rest on the way, while others took it all in.

For many on the team this is a first visit to Campo and so we spent some of the afternoon enjoying the beach and swimming in the lake.  God has given us some great weather to enjoy so far.  After a swim and dinner we started our team time tonight.  This is always a special time as we open God’s Word together and then have some small group time.

God is really brining this group together and we are excited about starting camp tomorrow!  The kids should arrive around lunch time.  We’ll be modifying a bit to use the supplies we have and will end up being a bit creative to get camp going.  But even at our team time tonight, we acknowledging that this is God’s mission and this somehow is a part of His plan so we are responding in faith to His good plan and striving to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Please join us in praying for the children that are coming tomorrow.  Pray their hearts will be open to hear the Gospel and respond.  Pray that we form good, new relationships and build on the old ones.  Thanks for standing in the gap for us in prayer!

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