Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

There’s nothing quite like trying to explain to Nica kids what polar bears are… and even more difficult explaining what a Polar Bear swim is.  However, we had a blast doing one – at 6:30am no less!  This is how our last day of camp started, a bit chilly, but an awesome memory and our last time to swim in Lake Nicaragua.  

From there we finished up our remaining classes and had our closing chapel time.  We put together a slideshow of camp memories and the kids really enjoyed seeing themselves on the screen.  Their adult leaders did to.  There is no doubt we created some lasting memories.  Probably most meaningful in chapel was walking back through the Gospel one last time with them.  We could visibly see the impact that camp had on their lives, but we were also able to see how the Gospel impacted their lives.  Only heaven will reveal what this camp meant in regards to their newfound life in Christ or continued growth in Him.  Either way, we are continuing to pray for good soil – so the seeds would be able to grow deep roots that would grow lasting fruit.
It was an emotional last chapel.  I was moved just standing before them and looking them in the eye conveying our love and saying our temporary goodbyes.  After the final session, we were able to present them with their backpacks – complete with their art projects from the week, school supplies, toothbrush and toothpaste.  Then thanks to our friends at Craft Hope, we were able to allow each camper to personally choose two brand new pairs of decorated flip flops.  The smiles on their faces said it all, but they also conveyed their love through many, many hugs.  
After our traditional chasing the bus down the camp road, we headed back to camp to clean up, pack up and get on our way.  We took time on the bus ride out to just pray and praise God for the awesome time at camp He gave all of us and how He worked in all of our lives.
Since we weren’t too far away, we took a bit of a detour to the city of Grenada.  This colonial town is one of the oldest in Nicaragua.  It has remained untouched by the many volcanoes and earthquakes and even war.  It is a beautiful, historic city and we enjoyed walking around and taking it all in.  It was great to have some time just as a team, since the last four days have been surrounding by 50 kids non-stop!
We arrived back to the Buzbees for dinner and our team time.  We are getting settled back in to our living quarters here and excited about sleeping sans bugs (at least the same volume of them) and also sleeping past 5 am!  
Thanks for praying with us!  We aren’t done yet and we know God isn’t either!

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