Mission Nicaragua :: Day 9

Well you can kind of copy and paste our day from yesterday to today as far as what we did.  Although, we can definitely attest to the mercies of the Lord are new each and every day.  In fact, in team time each night we ask, “Where did you see God at work today?”  What I’m trying to do is help our team realize that God is always active, always present, always speaking and always working.  We are usually not paying attention… and this is especially true in the States.  However, down here – devoid of technology and other “usuals” in our life, are spiritual senses can be awakened and trained to see God more clearly.  And I so enjoy hearing everyone share each night where God has been at work in their lives and how they are seeing Him new each day and in new ways.

But today, we did really repeat our day yesterday… head to Las Parcelas to Ruby Ranch.  Arrive and immediately start making concrete.  By the way, this is old school concrete making.  No mixers or machinery.  We are the mixers and machinery!  Four 80+ pound bags of sand, two 70+ pound bags of rock, two bags of concrete (which feel really light after picking up the previous) and just add water.  Well… and a lot (did I mention a lot?) of mixing by shovel.  On the downside, we are filthy and exhausted.  On the upside, we eat and sleep really well!
The kids arrived right on time after their school, as expected.  This gives us a momentary bit of relief from the concrete (or a more extended break for others, but this is no place to name names).  Actually, it is just as much a part of our ministry and mission down here – so the body of Christ is still at work!
When two arrived, though, we had a great surprise.  Jennifer and Virginia came and invited us to come down to there house.  This is the family our team last year built the home for.  So we enjoyed a nice stroll through the community and had the opportunity to go see the house and pray over their family.  They were so excited to see us and have us return.  It’s amazing how much our hearts can be united and relationships forged despite being gone for a year.  It’s like we picked up right where we left off.
We returned for more concrete (see a theme here?) and more playtime.  We were able to complete two sides of the porch leaving only one more side to go.  By the way, this is a huge porch!  This team will set a WSM Mission Nicaragua record for the most concrete mixed and poured on a construction project!  
We are looking to complete the porch tomorrow and excited about a potential new relationship and project tomorrow.  As always, thanks for your prayer support!

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