Mission Nicaragua :: Day 10

The realization has started to set in that our time in Nicaragua is nearing an end.  But in reality, that is just making us all the more motivated to use our time wisely for the sake of the Gospel here.  We’ve all been challenged that God has given us (and to all believers) a mission worth dying for because we have a King worth living for!  We continue to explore what it means to use our lives well and to be a disciple who can make disciples.

Today, we headed back out to Las Parcelas for Water Slide Wednesday!  But before we could get to the fun (and we had to wait for the kids to get out of school) we had more concrete to make!  We knew coming in to the day that we had one last big push and that we could finish the third and final side of the porch.  So after moving a pretty good sized tarantula out of our way, we started making the first of many concrete volcanoes for today.  
We were also without our foreman, Marvin, as his father in law passed away, so we took what we have learned and put it to the test.  Of course, we will have the Nicaraguan, Chuck Norris – Henri and his trusty ox cart with us.  
By the time the kids arrived we only had one small remaining section left to pour.  So we cranked up the waterslide and had some fun.  This slide is amazing.  Most of the kids had done it before, but thinking of a giant waterslide in a rural farming community in Nicaragua is pretty crazy.  We had a blast sliding and showing God’s love to these kids today.
We even had a few of the older kids who went to Campo with us last year show up.  Again, we are reminded of the power of relationships.  They asked about team members who aren’t present this year and got to know some of our new team members this year.  
Then the time we had all been waiting for arrived.  We mixed the last batch of concreted and poured in into place.  It was definitely a time of rejoicing as we smoothed out the last section.  Earlier at lunch we enjoyed eating our famous PB&J’s on the dry side of the porch.  It was definitely a glimpse of the vision to come.
God has been really moving, but we are also sensing the spiritual warfare that is taking place.  Satan wants nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy and we are actively praying against his efforts.  The Holy Spirit has been good to guide us and also convict us.  I’ve been so encouraged by what God is doing and just by this team in general.  I believe God still has great things in store.  Please pray with us to that end!

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