Mission Nicaragua: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua: Day 1

Well here we are again… back in Nicaragua.  We arrived a day late due to mechanical issues on the plane.  But we all made it safe and sound  and are trusting God’s timing and plan for our team.  We had hoped to hit the ground running but ended up using the day to prep for the start of our camp tomorrow and also getting a bit of rest and relaxation in (since we had two up by 5am mornings in a row).

God gave us some neat opportunities to share and show the love of Christ even in our travels today.  We had a pretty uneventful day which was good – other than a missing passport (praise God it was found) and one of our team members having to catch the next flight in to Nicaragua.  We got to see one of our former teammates, Katie, and catch up a bit as she is serving down here for the summer.  We also found out we are serving with another team from Tallahassee that is here right now.

In our team time at night, we are doing a Bible study through the book of Philippians, looking at maturity in Christ.  We did a bit of a self-evaluation to see where we are in our faith and looked at marks of a maturing Christian from God’s Word.  We also talked about the priority of keeping the Word of God before us – reading, mediating and memorizing.

Personally, I’m grateful to be down here.  It is always hard being away from my family (especially at a time like this) but I know God is with them and has been so close to us in our journey this summer.  But as much as my heart may wander back home to my family, I know it also needs to be here.  God has given me a great team to shepherd, love and serve, but He also wants to meet me here.  And He is always so faithful to do just that.  To bring rest and renewal to my spirit and to ignite my heart with renewed passion for the Gospel.

Please be praying that our team would be able to adjust to the time change, get a good night’s rest and hit the ground running tomorrow.  We start camp tomorrow and will only have a brief time to get set-up and ready for the kids to arrive.  Pray that relationships would form quickly and that those we have met before would grow and develop deeper.  Thanks for standing with us in prayer!

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