Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

100_2012Today was our first full day here and it started early.  We were up and ready to go after our devotional time – headed out to Ruby Ranch for our first day of camp with the children of Las Parcelas.  We have been blessed to have been heavily invested in this community and worked with these children for a good few years.  So it was great to rekindle relationships and amok some new ones today.  We were able to craft a modified camp schedule and get set-up for our five different stations (English, Bible, Sports, Arts/Crafts and Music).  A team of our students are leading each of these stations, then we have group leaders for our two boys and two girls groups.  It is truly a picture of the body of Christ coming together with different talents and abilities and using them for the Kingdom.

God gave us beautiful weather and a great start to camp.  The kids were a bit apprehensive but got quickly engaged with the camp.  Seeing their eyes light up seeing familiar faces and enjoying the activities was awesome.  It is such a treat for them to come to such a great facility and have people invest in giving them a fun and memorable camp experience.  We hope to continue to build on the foundation each day.  And being praying for them as they hear the Gospel that it would land on good soil and produce good fruit!

We provided lunch for the campers and then got to eat some ourselves and then we bid the kids farewell for the day so that we could begin construction.  A previous team got the water tower installed and connected to the well and began the tedious process of trenching the ground for the water lines.  So we picked up where they left off.  This is very hot and slow work based on the density of the ground and the inclines we are working on.  But the team did great working together and working hard!  At times it was pretty hot and sunny and God would bless us with a little sprinkling of rain and a nice breeze.

This type of project can be difficult – not just because of the hard work, but seeing the final results won’t happen for some time.  As the master plan is developed, we are preparing infrastructure work that will serve the camp during the building process.  So it can be hard to labor for something that you don’t see immediate results for.  But we see the spiritual parallels as well.  So often in our faith journey, God is working in us, shaping us, molding us, pruning us and we see and feel the groundwork but don’t see the end result quickly.  We are studying Philippians this week and we read last night the great promise that, “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to bring it to completion in the day of Christ Jesus.”  So even though we are wired for instant gratification and results, we have to trust that God is working for the long haul.

I’m encouraged by our team.  They have come down here prepared, with great unity and with Gospel focus.  I’m excited to see God moving in their hearts already and we are hopeful that He will do a good work in us and through us.  To follow the Mission more closely see some of the pictures – you can keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Big prayers are covering this missions/ministry team as you share the light of Christ, and His love, to these precious people. May God’s anointing be bold, and strong, upon you all as you help those He has called you to “for such a time as this.” God bless you!

    Love in Jesus, the King of Kings,

    Margie Allen

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