Mission Nicaragua: Day 3

Mission Nicaragua: Day 3

100_2087God’s faithfulness continues to guide our team and we are finding ourselves more attune to the Holy Spirit and following His leading.  We do our best to plan and prepare but what I hope to pass along to our team is the importance of walking by faith and not by sight.  And I believe we are all getting a bit better in this area.  We ask three questions in our team time each night, but the most important being, “Where did you see God today?”  My desire is to help them develop eyes that see God is everywhere working around us.  Unfortunately, too often we are so busy or distracted that we do not see.  However, I’ve been really encouraged to hear the team sharing how what and where they are seeing God at work.

Yesterday, we had a few folks from another team join us for the day.  It was a blessing to have them work with us, but I was most encouraged by hearing one of the comments (which was later passed on to me) – “I have never seen a team that works so hard together.”  And the same could have been said of the team today.  God has truly united this team and they are doing great work and both the camp and in construction.  Even with a few feeling a bit under the weather, they are loving and serving each other well.  It is a true picture of the body of Christ and the power of the Gospel which unites us all.

The children have been so much fun to have at camp.  The relationships continue to deepen and they continue to be exposed to the Gospel.  Each activity reminds them of a God who loves them and desires a relationship with them.  They have such joy and contagious smiles, which means even more to us since we have seen their community, homes and just the drastic difference from what we have and how we live.  It’s a picture that contentment and joy is offered despite our circumstances.

After camp we were right back and doing some more trenching, laying pipes and excavating ground in preparation for a new walkway.  God gifted us with pretty awesome weather today and the team is working incredibly hard.  We worked past 6 o’clock and returned in time to scary down some dinner, grab a shower and head to team time.  Team time at night continues to be encouraging to me as we come to God’s Word hungry for Him to speak to us, convict and challenge us.  Tonight we looked at how the Gospel attacks our pride, calls us to humility and to a renewed sense of the awe of God.  I’m thankful for how we can engage honestly with God’s Word and where we are in our walk with Christ.  I’m praying that God continues to move powerfully in our hearts.

Tomorrow will be a special day as we are able to go to church together and then we finish up camp.  Please be praying for our stamina, health, heart for the Gospel and capacity to love well.  Please also be praying for our Mission NOLA team which arrived in New Orleans today and will be serving this week.  It’s so awesome to know that we’ve got nearly 50 students and leaders serving in various parts of the world on mission this very week!  And we go… until all have heard!

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