Mission Nicaragua: Day 7

Mission Nicaragua: Day 7

100_2342We have crossed our halfway point of our mission here in Nicaragua.  At times it feels like we just landed but after a long days work, it feels like we have been here for months!  But God is good in the highs and lows and we have had plenty of both!  

On the lows, we’ve had to leave a few behind the last few days to deal with a little 24-hour bug.  But the good news is, it doesn’t seem to last long and most recover quickly.  The bad news is, we can’t seem to keep it from spreading!  We are so grateful to the Buzbees and Aunt Kris for taking good care of my team members that stay behind to rest.  

This morning, we took a break and walked down to the school in Las Parcelas to see some of the kids from camp and play with them on their playground during their recess.  We had an absolute blast!  From swings to see-saws to playing tag, it was great to see their smiles light up when we walked up the road.  We don’t know what these kids are thinking, but we are prayerful that we are making a Gospel impact by continuing to build on these relationships and show them God’s love.

It was extra special visiting the school for some of us who were on the team that painted the school, redecorated the classroom and purchased and painted playground equipment and teacher supplies.  To see the fruit of our labor and the continued blessing of our work was very encouraging.  We pray that these investments will make an eternal impact!

The afternoon brought some hot and hard work.  Our stair project hit another standstill, so we started a demolition project on an old, dilapidated chicken house.  Everyone came together (after a bit of a pep talk) to work to get the job done.  Some of the rest of the team completed the chicken house nesting boxes, roosting perches and water trough.  We are hopeful the chickens will arrive tomorrow to check out their new digs.

Our team is putting in some long hours and working incredibly hard.  Keeping everyone hydrated is a challenge and many are starting to feel the effects of being worn down.  But through prayer and even worship, the team continues to push on.  I’ve been so encouraged at their perseverance.  

We had a bit of a scary situation tonight when we returned and Callie’s health took a turn for the worse.  She was doubled over in pain.  God was most certainly with us as Elizabeth was up at the house and able to come down and assess the situation as a nurse.  But the condition didn’t really have a remedy… but thankfully God is always the remedy.  The team had already gathered around her to pray and then a few of us laid on hands, anointed with oil and cried out to God for healing and relief of pain.  Praise Jesus for answering our prayer in power.  We all walked away praising Him for His sustaining grace and quick response to our prayers.  

So much of life on mission comes with unexpected experiences, challenges and opportunities.  THe Holy Spirit is our guide, protector and provider.  We are continuing to learn to trust HIm and listen to Him.  And by faith, we will walk with Him tomorrow!

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