Mission Nicaragua: Day 8

Mission Nicaragua: Day 8

100_2372I’m sure when it comes to what we are doing each day, these posts are beginning to sound a bit familiar.  However, each new day brings new and unexpected ways where God is moving even in some of the routine “tasks.”  

Our day started with some major praise to know that God brought one of our team members, Callie, safely and restfully through the night.  Compared to where we were when she stepped off the bus, it was almost a 180 turnaround.  We know that God did a mighty healing work and we are all amazingly grateful (especially Callie).  And to know that we had so many back in the States praying for us – even one church calling a midnight prayer meeting was surreal.  One of our boys shared during small group time tonight how much last night impacted him when it comes to the power of prayer.  It’s interesting that it takes a mission trip to a third world country to increase our dependency on God through prayer.  But that’s why we are here… and we are thankful that we are learning along the way.

Today was pretty similar at the Ranch.  We finished up the first demo project of the old chicken house, started a second demo project of the old cattle stalls, did some playing with the kids (and getting a visit from some of our “old” campers) and finished preparing the chicken house for chickens which should arrive tomorrow.  The day had some slow points, but God knew we needed them.  We still had a few stay back with sickness and a few need some rest while at the Ranch.  But this team is a hard working and resilient team.  Because of that, we are really having to watch for dehydration while we are working.  But it seems most are on the mend or completely well and I’m hopeful we will return to a full team serving tomorrow.

These last few nights we have had a pretty late dinner due to the full day’s work, but tonight we made it back a bit early and actually got to swim and clean-up before dinner!  I’m still met with some pretty tired eyes for our evening team time as we are opening God’s Word, but we are thankful for that time and God is really speaking to us through His Word.  I’m encouraged by the conversations I’m having and the questions I’m answering and our small group time as been powerful.  It never gets old hearing students open up their lives to one another and pray for each other.  

We know our time here is getting short, but we are praying that God continues to work in and through us.  Please continue to pray for our stamina and Gospel impact!

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