Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

We have returned today with some aching backs, arms, legs and just about every other muscle in our bodies! Thankfully, most everyone is feeling well – we’ve had a few battling some “not feeling up to par” but those that are working are most certainly sore… and dirty… and exhausted. Today was our first full day of construction and we hit the ground running with taking out more dirt to prepare for the concrete work that will start on Monday. But before we really got going this morning, we all gathered for prayer for our Mission Montgomery team. Our 8th and 9th graders headed out today on their mission. It was special to be able to pray from another country and in another time zone for our leaders and students serving on this mission.

Some of the rancho poles needed a ring of concrete that will serve as termite protection, so we formed some tubes out of tin and then introduced many on this team to the process of making concrete (we will be pros by the end of the mission). We also introduced our famous bucket line to move the concrete. It’s amazing how much fun you can make work at times… you almost have to here or some of the work can become overwhelming.

But I’ve been so proud at how our team has really come together and worked so hard. Everyone needs a break from time to time, but someone will always jump in and pick up the slack. And then when we do an “all call” it is amazing at the work we are able to accomplish.

It was a joy to have some of the kids come by today and play on the playground for a little while after school. We ran out of flip flops at our community outreach and brought more with us today, so a good many kids and families returned to pick out some flip flops. It was a blessing to reconnect with some of our old campers and meet new families in the Las Parcelas community.  One of the special families we got to reconnect with was Manuel. We had the privilege of building a home for his family a few years ago. Not only did he stop by to say ‘hi’, but picked up a shovel and a wheelbarrow and worked with us the rest of the afternoon. We are hoping to go by and see his family and his house at some point this week.

God has really been working in our team. Watching these guys grow together in unity and grow in their relationship with Jesus has been powerful. Seeing them step up and take opportunities to lead devotion time or pray over teammates has been really encouraging. God is on the move and we are learning day by day how to listen and follow the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for standing in the gap and praying for us.

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  1. I so enjoy reading these posts each night. Praying for all of you and the work God is doing in and through yall. I miss the girls and Manuel’s songs and PB&Js every day. Montgomery prayers are much appreciated.

  2. Todd, give my love to the team, especially, my grandson, Nathan Maloney!! I’m giving praise to God for such dedicated youth and for you and the way you share God with the youth and all you encounter!! Blessings, Betty Earnest

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