Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

God’s mercies are new each and every morning. What a privilege our morning time is each and every day. I’m personally refreshed and also encouraged seeing our students take advantage of TAWG each and every day. The beauty of the countryside and stillness of the morning is a real treasure here. But we did wake up to some bad news that a few on our team had a rough night. We call it Nica stomach… it eventually gets to some on the team each year. Thankfully it doesn’t last too long. But it meant we had to leave a few behind to rest. So please be praying for our team and that the Lord would grant healing and health.

We loaded up for another full day of construction. We hired a few block guys to help us with the Rancho steps at sidewalks.They will go where all the dirt we have been removing is. But while we were waiting for the guys to give direction, we moved on to a few other projects. One part of our team went to the house on the property and painted the interior with our leftover paint from the school painting project. Some of the kids came by after school and we got to ask them how they liked their newly painted classrooms. They had big smiles when telling us how pretty it was.

The other part of our team set up the Ruby Ranch volleyball court by putting in the poles and moving dirt into the area to level out the court. Then, we all headed down near the entrance to start a trenching project (yes, more dirt removal). This will allow us to lay down pipe to run the electrical from the power pole to the well that supplies all the water to the property. We are becoming experts with the pick axe, shovels, hoes and pry bars. It was a hot day today which meant working hard to stay hydrated and take some shade breaks. A few started feeling a bit like the Nica stomach was going to get them and took some naps on the trampolines.

Incidentally, at our team time tonight we studied about God’s healing. Psalm 147 reminds us that His desire is to heal the brokenhearted and to bind up their wounds. Seems like God always has these things rigged. It was a powerful time to look at His Word and see His desires to bring healing to our hearts. Not only do some on our team need physical healing, but we are all realizing that He offers us the chance to lie down in green pastures where He brings healing to our heart and soul.

So again, please be praying for those in need of physical healing. Also, be praying for the work God is doing in all of our hearts brining spiritual healing and restoration. He is most certainly up to a good work and it is at times a very painful process to engage with the deep places of our heart, but our students have faced their fear and pride and risked vulnerability. I’m praying God would continue to move into those places and do a powerful work!

PS – Happy Birthday to Preston, who enjoyed a birthday nap on the trampoline today and hopefully will get to enjoy his birthday cake when he stomach settles a bit!

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