Mission Nicaragua :: Day 11

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 11

We woke up and knew today was going to be a bittersweet day. The realization has set in that we are nearly done with our mission here in Nicaragua.

Our day started in usual fashion and then we were loaded up and headed to Sister Ruby’s house. We have experienced so much at Ruby’s house of prayer through the years and it is honestly a highlight of our mission. Ruby was an amazing woman of God and mighty prayer warrior. Her legacy lives on through the Buzbees and others who continue on the prayer ministry. Most were a bit apprehensive at what to expect, but as we walked up the stairs to the upper roam and felt the wind blowing through and we began to worship together, there was a real sense of expectation and peace.

God most certainly met us in that place and His Spirit ministered powerfully to our hearts. There were messages of encouragement, conviction and visions for the future. God was so good to encourage us and fill us with His peace. We all walked away feeling that “greater is He who is in us, than He who is in the world.” My hope and prayer is the the fire God placed in our hearts will continue to grow and be fanned in to flame. We claim the promise that “He who began a good work in us will be faithful to bring it to completion.”

We were a bit pressed for time which mean eating our lunch on the bus on our way out to the beach. But we needed the time on the bus to talk together and to continue to process what the Lord had spoken to us.

Then we arrived at the beach and many had their first experience with some black, volcanic beach sand and were able to jump right in to the Pacific Ocean. We didn’t have much time before the kids arrived and we came running to meet the bus. The look on the kids faces as they excited the bus said it all. Not only were they excited to see us (and us them) but also to see the beach. Many of these kids have never left their community or been to the beach. They were so excited and we had a blast playing with them. After our beach time was over and we shared some snacks, I got to challenge them and pray over them. We gave our hugs and in Nica fashion chased the bus down the road saying our goodbyes. It was tough to say goodbye as our hearts have most certainly grown attached. But we believe God will be faithful to love and grow these kids and that we will certainly see each other again.

We did get some team time to swim, surf and have some fun together at the beach after we said goodbye. But then reality set in for us after dinner and team time as we had to head up to the rooms and pack. We will squeeze in a few more ministry opportunities and fun in the morning before we have to head out. Thanks for continuing to pray for us – that we will finish strong and have more opportunities to share the Gospel.

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