College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

100_4087Goodbyes are never easy.  In fact, I don’t think we were created to say them.  But when sin entered the world, it broke everything.  It fractured the permanency of relationships.  But instead of goodbye, I prefer see you later.  Because that is especially true when it comes to the life of a believer.

Upon waking, you could sense something was different.  The same birds and early sunrise… there was a delightful breeze and a tropical smell in the air… but something was different.

It’s always hard waking up on the day you know that you have to leave.  To say a goodbye, I mean, see you later.  But before we reached that point, after breakfast, we loaded up to make the annual pilgrimage to the market.  The market is the place were you can buy cheap stuff made in China with “Nicaragua” emblazoned on it.  But it’s become a tradition of sorts, especially to take the newbies back to the bowels of the market to the ‘meat’ section.  Raw meat hanging everywhere – not a part of the animal left unused.  From live iguanas to fish heads, pigs feet and cow eyeballs and brains… it’s a sight and smell to behold.

Then it was back to the compound to pack all our personal stuff as well as team gear, grab a bit to eat and load the bus one last time… this time for the drive to the airport.  After our goodbyes to the Buzbees, we were on our way.  One last ride through Managua.  One last day without air conditioning.

Thankfully all of our travel went really smoothly.  All the flights, immigration and customs.  Thankfully, no sleeping in the airport on this trip!  God gave us great opportunities to talk with strangers in the airports and on the flights.  We are always looking for opportunities to share what we were doing in Nicaragua and more importantly with a goal of sharing the Gospel.

We finally touched down in Tallahassee to realize that our shorts and flip flops were grossly inadequate for the 40 degree temperature.  We were most certainly not in Nicaragua anymore.  Glad to be home and to see family and friends, but already missing the friends we left in Nicaragua.  It’s always a bag full of mixed emotions.

But we know our mission isn’t over.  We’ve just moved locations.  Because this mission we are on never ends… until we see our Savior face to face.  So until then, we strive to labor faithfully.  To share the Gospel in word and in deed both across the street and around the world.

Thanks again for sharing in this journey with us. Your encouragement and prayer support means more than you could possibly imagine!

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