Prayer… reaching new heights

Prayer… reaching new heights

I’ve had the privilege for many years to participate in many of the National Day of Prayer gatherings that take place each May. They are especially unique here in Tallahassee as they take place on the 22nd (top) floor of the Capitol which has amazing views in all directions of our city.

But this year, I had the opportunity to pray from an even higher elevation.  I was invited to pray as a part of prayer flight which is a nationwide ministry dedicated to prayer from the air.

We took off from our airport in a Piper Meridian and made our way to downtown where we began to circle the Capitol complex.  Despite being a bit windy and bumpy, it was a beautiful day to be up in the air.  So as many pastors and leaders were praying in our Capitol, I was circling our Capitol praying as well.

From there we were able to head north and take a look at our current and future church property.  And probably most fun for my little guy was a few passes over our home.  From there I had the opportunity to take the controls and fly us back to the airport, line us up for landing and drop to 500 feet before Jeff wisely took back over control for the landing.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly grateful to Jeff of Flightline here in Tallahassee for giving me this amazing opportunity not only to pray for our city, but to do so in a pretty amazing way!

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