Mission Nica 16 :: Day 1

Mission Nica 16 :: Day 1

Today started early by loading another Astro bus this summer as we hopped on I-10 then to 75 into Orlando for our flight.  God provided for us in an unexpected way this year with our flights – despite being out of Orlando and then having to charter a bus – with a better rate than last year.  So we were ok with the extra logistics.

So we made it to Orlando in plenty of time to grab an overpriced airport lunch – but for many was the last Christian chicken (AKA Chic-fil-a) for the next good while.  But then it was on to our flight to Houston where we didn’t have much of a layover to grab dinner before boarding our flight to Managua.

Despite a brief delay, we were on our way and made it to Managua with no issues.  We made it to the Buzbees and are all pretty worn out from a long day of travel.  So we had a quick gathering tonight for prayer and are now off to get some rest.  We’re two hours behind EST (no DST observed here) so our body clocks will take a bit of adjusting.

Stay tuned here for updates, as well as our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds to follow the team.  Thanks for keeping up with us and most importantly for the prayer support.

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  1. Praise God!! Everything went smoothly! I’ll continue to pray for God to lift up the youth and to encourage the children and adults that you all come in contact with!

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