Mission Nica 16 :: Day 5

Mission Nica 16 :: Day 5

We are settling into a bit of a rhythm here with camp and construction.  Our schedule is still a bit sandwiched with starting the day working on our construction projects (while the kids are in school) then taking a break for lunch and getting camp going, only to finish camp and do a bit more construction before heading back.

Today was officially, the last day of camp.  Those are always hard words to write and to realize, however, we do still have our big camp ending and community day tomorrow.  But, today we finished up all the individual stations and rotations for the last time.  And our team has done amazingly well.  The planning and running of the stations and the creative energy put into each of the lessons has been great.  These campers have run from station to station excitedly awaiting what is coming next.

The relationships we have formed have been much easier to come than we expected (an answer to prayer for sure).  This is our first time hosting kids from the El Caimito community and after the first day of adjusting, have been doing great.  Watching them experience camp and allow us into their lives has been really powerful.  We can only hope and pray that these relationships will continue to grow and that what they are learning and experiencing will shape them out for the years to come.

One of the questions I ask the team each night is, “Where did you see God today?”  In essence, my goal is to train them to ‘walk by faith and not by sight’ and to learn to tune in to God’s wavelength and see with spiritual eyes where He is at work all around us.  I love hearing the stories our students are experiencing each day.

Well, God gave me one today.  I was out on another construction supply run when I realized I didn’t order the Bibles for the backpacks this year.  So Brinson had a place where we could get them locally.  We pull up to a place called Liga Biblia and on the sign I see a familiar logo.  It’s Bible League, an international ministry that provides Bibles worldwide.  Well, the connection for me was this is a ministry that my grandfather supported until he passed away, and now my family and I picked up on some of the ministries he supported as a way of honoring his legacy of spiritual faithfulness.  So here we have supported and followed the work of Bible League for years, and now, we are purchasing Bibles from them to take to the rural community of El Caimito here in Nicaragua.  A God moment for sure.

God is faithful and He is certainly at work.  We know this to be true, but thanks to His grace, the spiritual blindness can be reversed and He allows us to see.  By His grace alone He pursues fickle hearts and minds plagued by spiritual amnesia and invites us in to an amazing personal relationship where He shapes us and uses us for His purposes and mission.  We are grateful to be learning and experiencing these things and pray they will continue as our mission does!

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