Mission Nica 16 :: Day 9

Mission Nica 16 :: Day 9

We are closing in on the home stretch of the mission here in Nicaragua and we think our bodies are letting us know.  After full days of construction, it does get a bit harder to get up in the morning knowing we have another full day ahead of us.  But God is good and kept the Nicaraguan air conditioning (breeze) going all day long.  Which felt good, but masked the fact that most of us are getting quite crispy in the sun!

We started our day with a walk over to check on our chickens.  A previous team helped build the ‘casa de gallena’ and purchase the chickens.  They are doing well for the most part and are continuing to produce eggs for the ministry.

Today really displayed what we train and prepare so diligently for in our mission training – the unity that comes from keeping your eyes on Jesus and the common goal.  We had people sanding the new bathroom facility, people building the water fountains and working on the piping, people working on the cantera stones (and finished that project), people playing with the neighborhood kiddos (after they arrived after school), people filling sandbags for the waterslide area, people serving on the planting team (we bought a great amount of foliage for the Ranch), people serving others by fetching water bottle refills and others offering words of encouragement.  We are far from perfect, but God’s faithfulness has been evident to this team!

The work is hard and our days our long, but we know it is worth it.  The joy on the kids faces as they enjoy the Ranch helps us see the vision more clearly.  The note we received today from a mom thanking the Ranch for the opportunities for her daughter was priceless.  Knowing hearts and lives are changing through the projects and the play is amazing.

We returned, as usual now, sweaty, dirty and looking somewhat human in time for dinner. But post-dinner turned into a surprise celebration for Autumn who is celebrating her birthday here in Nicaragua!  And there isn’t a better way to celebrate than with a piece of Maria’s flan.  So, so good!  Autumn was even able to call home to connect with her family as a part of the celebration.

As we gather as a team at night, we continue to draw on God’s work for conviction and challenge as we studied what it looks like to grow in Christ while we are in the midst of a war between our flesh (sin nature) and our Spirit.  All of us left challenged to better rely on the transformative work of grace in our hearts and the power of the Holy Spirit fueling our lives.

Another full day of construction awaits us tomorrow… until then, thanks for praying!

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